Developing R Shiny Pharmaceutical applications for faster decision making processes and accessible Data.

Addressing Unused Data and Solving Problems with Shiny in Pharma

Here is the story of how the Appsilon team helped
an international Pharmaceutical company in R Shiny apps development and optimization.

Appsilon value added

Introducing Posit’s Package Manager

3+ applications built and deployed in production

Migrated from Shiny Server to Posit Connect

Faster decision-making process with more accessible data

Automated reports for GxP environments

Automated reports pipeline

What we were asked of

Many large companies have vast amounts of data but limited time to process and present it for effective decision-making. This often results in bottlenecks and a disjointed process. In this particular scenario, an employee had to navigate multiple tools, send emails, and analyze results from an Excel file on their local computer. This led to unnoticed inventory issues that caused weekly financial losses.

“[We needed assistance] with R Shiny Development and supplement talent shortage. We needed a world-class, Shiny application delivered in a fairly short amount of time.”

– Client’s Engineering Team

What we identified

New opportunities for R Shiny applications to solve issues

Migration from Shiny Server to Posit Connect

Need for Posit Package Manager

Improvements in the deployment process

Type of work delivered

R Shiny Development

R Shiny Consulting

Posit Consulting

Scope of the project delivered

Generate reports using

Annual Product Review (APR)
containing 31 sections

Reviews of products annually

The production managers used to spend up to 8 weeks creating a report, but now, the process has been automated and takes only a fraction of the time; it functions as an R Shiny app that works in real time. The report, which summarizes incidents and batches produced, is now generated automatically as a Word+PDF document with 20+ PDF attachments.

Impact on a customer’s daily life

Faster decision-making process with easier access to the data

Automated reports for GxP environments (required by legal)

Over 3 applications have been built and deployed

Monitoring user adoption

We built a Shiny application to check if, and how people were using the R Shiny apps. The resulting data made it easier to convince the businesses of the value in investing in R Shiny and Posit products.

Review from the Client

“They had a good reputation based on our research. Their team seemed to build world-class Shiny applications that we’d be looking for. We went through the interview process with them and a few other companies. We liked what we heard with Appsilon, and decided to move forward.

The project was successful, and our team is highly impressed. Our customers are extremely delighted by the quality of the application as well.

The quality of their work is extremely good. We were also impressed with the communication about what was being worked on as well as their integrity and honesty.”

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