Developing Shiny apps for more effective Supply Chain teams

Impacting Biotech Supply Chain: Empowering Planners with Business-Critical Shiny Apps

Here is the story of how the Appsilon team helped an international biotech company
in R Shiny apps development, and optimization

Appsilon Value Added

Fast, successful development of R Shiny apps, allowing the client’s team to prove the business value of R Shiny to the stakeholders and secure a budget for more projects

Developing an application to monitor user adoption of R Shiny applications

Guiding the purchase of new Posit license fo client’s new entity/brand

Developing 10+ R Shiny applications serving many teams

Appsilon’s Shiny apps are crucial for the customer. It was critical for the business stakeholders to keep using them and subsequentlyrequired obtaining new Posit licenses.

What we were asked of

The engagement began with a Shiny Proof-of-Concept (PoC) application. Appsilon connected different technologies, applications and dashboards to make the work of the planners in the Supply Chain Team more effective.
The fast, successful implementation of the PoC enabled the client’s team to prove the business value of R Shiny to their stakeholders, and secure the budget for more projects. The client appreciated Appsilon’s ability to act and deliver fast, with a high level of understanding of their business objectives.

A Promising Partnership and Long-Term Collaboration

Our partnership with the company began in 2020 and has continued to grow, leading to multiple successful projects and making them one of our largest clients.

What Appsilon Identified

Our customer wanted to develop a large, complex application for many users, serving different departments.

We used R Shiny for the PoC, and when it proved to be useful, we developed it again, from scratch, in Python and React. This solution has a high level of scalability and meets the client’s future needs. Their team is knowledgeable in Python & React and will take over future development. We added seamless interoperability between R and Python to allow embedding valuable Shiny applications in the platform, which boosted the usage of R and Shiny within the company.

On top of the main application, we are developing many R Shiny applications serving various teams or inter-team projects.

Type of Work Delivered

R Shiny Development

R Shiny Consulting

Infrastructure Consulting

React Development

Python Development

Project Management

How Our Work Influences Posit Adoption

We deployed an app to measure the adoption of R Shiny apps. Thanks to this, data scientists can prove that the apps are used, and have an impact on the business. Ultimately, this influences budget procurement for Posit products (and renewals).

Improving Shiny visibility, awareness, and workflows for deployment on Posit Connect. Ensuring R Shiny is well integrated with other technologies. Guiding new licensing for the client’s new entity.

Our apps became crucial for the customer and business critical for stakeholders. This led to a need for new Posit licensure.

Supporting Data Scientists to Secure a Budget for Posit Licenses

When our client decided to move part of the business to a new legal entity, they were analyzing the licenses they had to buy for continuity of the business. At first, the Posit licenses seemed too expensive for the stakeholders. Appsilon’s Delivery Manager sat with the client to enable communication and negotiation with Posit for a license fee.
Originally, the customer thought they would have to get a new license, similar in size and cost to the ones used by the main entity (a very large organization = very expensive licenses). Additionally, we encouraged them to continue using R Shiny because in the end, it was a more cost effective solution.

R Shiny development is faster than Python and React, which in result means fewer costs for the same value delivered.

Addressing the IT department’s requirements and securing their support was a significant challenge, but it allowed the business to take advantage of the benefits of Posit licensing and ultimately achieve their goals. This produced a happy customer and kick-started a long-lasting relationship with the client and Posit.

Our apps became crucial for the customer and business critical for stakeholders. This led to a need for new Posit licensure.

Scope of the Project Delivered

Development of the central app in Python and React

10+ R Shiny apps developed

Application for monitoring user adoption (session count) to check if, and how people are using the R Shiny apps. The resulting data made it easier to convince the businesses of the value in investing in R Shiny and Posit products.

Review from the Client

“Hi Team, I was just on this training session this morning….WOW some fantastic work by the team in moving us to a digital ecosystem. THANK YOU TEAM!!!! I see this as a must attend training session so please ensure you’re available so everyone is up to speed on this tool. This is a significant step forward for us in expanding our capabilities and data analytics for driving stronger customer service.”

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